PACE financing can help you grow your business by increasing the size and number of projects you complete for customers. By providing access to easy, affordable financing for energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy improvements, and environmental hazard mitigation, PACE helps eliminate upfront capital constraints and long-term paybacks.

Contractors can register with Lean & Green Michigan. As a PACE certified contractor, you will be listed on our database as well as given a training manual containing everything you need to know to make PACE a valuable tool for growing your business.

To become a registered Lean & Green Michigan PACE contractor, you must complete the following steps in any order:

  1. Attend a Lean & Green Michigan Seminar. Updated contractor training will be offered online in March 2024.
  2. Register with Michigan Saves. We have partnered with Michigan Saves to verify the license and insurance information required to perform your work.

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