HUD Approves Lean & Green Michigan PACE Program!

What You Need to Know:

On April 1, 2024, we received the eagerly anticipated letter from the HUD regional office stating
that the Lean & Green Michigan PACE program has been approved! Through a formal process,
we have met the conditions necessary to prove our program is compatible with HUD’s
multifamily housing programs. We are delighted about the determination.

This opens up new areas of opportunity for PACE in Michigan. Over the years, we’ve had to
turn away many potential projects because they held a HUD mortgage. We’re excited to see
how we can assist affordable housing projects to upgrade or construct buildings that are more
energy efficient, water efficient, employ renewable energy, or assist with the mitigation of
environmental hazards.

Call us at 313-444-1474 if you would like to discuss how Lean & Green Michigan can help with
your HUD project