Birmingham Towers

"This is another fantastic demonstration of the impact of Oakland County’s participation in the PACE program,” said Oakland County Board of Commissioners Chair David T. Woodward. “Birmingham Towers will provide a significant economic benefit to the community and in a way that is more sustainable, efficient and permanently cost-effective than would be possible without PACE."

–David T. Woodward, Oakland County Board of Commissioners Chair , Oakland County

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The Dexter Hotel

"The PACE program is a wonderful amalgam of economic development, cost savings and forward thinking energy efficiency; It was exciting to see a developer so passionate about utilizing its benefits. At the same time, after several years of inactivity since the program had been established, it was overwhelming to dive back in with short notice to start our first project. Even with an accelerated timeline, the team at Lean & Green Michigan helped us understand and feel confident with the many facets of the program as well as the new project. We are excited to see the closing of Antrim County’s first PACE project and look forward to additional opportunities to advance local economic development."

–Jeremy Scott , County Administrator, Antrim County

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Keefer House Hotel

"The Keefer House Hotel will be a catalyst for economic development and downtown investment in Hillsdale. For over 20 years the 137-year-old building sat vacant and slowly deteriorated requiring a significant investment to rehabilitate it. PACE funding made this investment possible and played a major role in the financial stack allowing us to develop this property into a premiere boutique hotel that will transform the city by adding dozens of new jobs, additional quality lodging, a new restaurant and bar, and prime retail storefronts. Our projects are meant to positively transform small towns in every way possible including introducing local governments to new economic incentive tools such as PACE. We enjoyed working closely with the team at Lean and Green Michigan so we can utilize this funding while also making our building more energy efficient."

–Brant Cohen, Development Associate, CL Real Estate

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DO Apparel

"PACE financing allowed us to make significant building upgrades that will reduce our monthly operating costs as well as our energy usage. All with flexible terms and little to no money down, it really was a no-brainer."

–Matt McKae, Owner & CEO, DO Apparel

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Detroit Unity Temple

"Our modest building upgrades will allow us to reduce our operating cost, reduce our energy usage, and increase our awareness of other saving opportunities. It's a 'win-win' for us all!"

–Eugene Franklin, Board Chair, Detroit Unity Temple

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Chene Street Grocers

"The sustainable renovation of this building would not have been able to happen without the financial support from PACE. I was so happy to know that there was a financing option for these critical upgrades needed across the city."

–Vanessa Cronan, General Partner, Chene Street Grocers

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501 S. Capitol

"It's exciting to see PACE play a role in the redevelopment of downtown Lansing's former Lake Trust Credit Union building. It demonstrates that when a local government plans ahead by adopting no-brainer economic development programs such as PACE, those early efforts produce dividends for our community later."

–Eric Schertzing, County Treasurer, Ingham County

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"Lean and Green Michigan's ability to orchestrate the Exchange PACE loan through the myriad approvals and technical underwriting processes was critical to completing our capital stack. We look forward to integrating PACE into our partnership with the City of Detroit as we move forward with new projects."

–Mark J. Bennett, Managing Director, MJBennett, PLLC - Real Estate Equity

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The Henry

"PACE financing was a perfect fit into our capital stack, which allowed us to pay for all of our high efficiency infrastructure in The Henry Ann Arbor project."

–Heidi Poscher, , Prentice Partners LLC

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"Eaton County was an early adopter of the Michigan PACE program and since then, it has been exciting to see PACE take off here and across the State. PACE is succeeding in doing exactly what it was designed to do; save Michigan commercial property owners significant sums of money through the compounding benefits of energy efficiency."

–Bob Robinson, County Treasurer, Eaton County

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NOCA Lofts

"As a fixed-rate, fully amortizes, non-recourse and non-accelerating financing mechanism, it's no wonder PACE is changing the game for the real estate community. Developing energy efficient buildings is becoming the norm for commercial real estate and PACE helps leverage large sources of private capital to help make that happen. As a real estate asset professional who has used PACE in the past, I would not hesitate to recommend PACE to other commercial real estate professionals who may be considering it."

–Johnathan Branoff, Executive Vice President, WestPac Communities

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