Property Owners

Owners of commercial and industrial properties waste billions of dollars annually on utility payments. Yet this practice continues year after year because the upfront cost of installing measures to eliminate this waste is prohibitive in many cases. PACE financing through Lean & Green Michigan fixes this problem.

If you own a commercial, industrial, multifamily or nonprofit property and you want to reduce your energy or water costs or install renewable energy equipment, Lean & Green Michigan can work for you.

Benefits of Lean & Green Michigan PACE financing:

  • 100% upfront financing
  • Long-term financing from 10 to 25 years
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Positive Cashflow! For projects over $250,000, your contractor must guarantee that the total savings generated from your PACE project will be greater than the investment.
  • The loan runs with the land, meaning the loan is attached to your property, not to you as the property owner. It does not impact your credit and it transfers upon sale.
  • And much more - just contact Lean & Green to learn more!

What qualifies:

  • Virtually any energy efficieny, water efficiency, or renewable energy project
  • High utility costs: Properties with a utility spend higher than $5000 per month.
  • Project size: The cost of the energy project should be greater than $200,000, with no formal upward limit!
  • Property Value: The property should be worth more than $800,000.
  • Current on Property Taxes: Properties must be current on their property taxes and any other property tax obligations to qualify for PACE financing.

Not sure if your property or project qualifies? Contact us.

How to Get Started

Your first step towards completing a PACE project should be to contact us. We can help you determine if your property and project are eligible for PACE financing. Then, we can put you in touch with the right people to get the job done.

If you’ve already taken initial steps and you have a good idea of the type of project you want to complete, you should click the “Apply Today” link at right and get in touch with a Lean & Green Michigan representative.